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What Is Bebop? - Description of the Jazz Style - About.com
A description of bebop, the innovative style of jazz that developed in the 1940s.
10 Influential Bebop Jazz Musicians - About.com
Bebop is characterized by its focus on improvisation. Borrowing from swing, and rooted in the blues, bebop is the foundation on which modern jazz was built.
Bebop Jazz Term - Definition of Jazz Term Bebop - About.com
As jazz fell out of favor with popular audiences, Bebop pushed the music into a more intellectual vein, and perhaps marks jazz' crossover from pop music to art ...
Bebop Guitar - Music Education - About.com
Though it was not always at the forefront of bebop, guitarists played an important role in the development of that style since its earliest days. Setting the stage for ...
Jazz Music History by Decade: 1940-1950 - About.com
The Creation of Bebop. Minton's Playhouse, a jazz club in Harlem, New York, became the laboratory for these experimental musicians. By 1941, Parker ...
Jazz Profile: Bebop Trumpeter Kenny Dorham - About.com
A profile of bebop jazz trumpeter, leader and sideman Kenny Dorham.
Jazz Profile: Bebop Trumpeter Blue Mitchell - About.com
A profile of bebop jazz trumpeter, leader and sideman Blue Mitchell.
Jazz Music and Civil Rights Movement - About.com
From the days of bebop, when jazz ceased to cater to popular audiences, and instead became solely about the music and the musicians who played it, jazz has  ...
Jazz Buyer's Guide - Bebop Trumpeter Kenny Dorham - About.com
Jazz Buyer's Guide - Bebop Trumpeter Kenny Dorham. Kenny-Dorham-1955- Metronome-Getty.jpg - Metronome/Getty Images. Kenny Dorham, c. 1955.
Thelonious Monk - Biography of the Pianist - Jazz - About.com
He grew up in Manhattan, and combined the stride piano style with the burgeoning bebop approach, creating a distinctly quirky and percussive approach.
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