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Glossary of Jazz Music Terms - Jazz Music Definitions
Expand your jazz vocabulary here, with a glossary of jazz music terms and slang used within the jazz community. The language used to talk about jazz can be ...
Jazz Technical Terms - About.com
A list of technical terms about jazz. ... Jazz Technical Terms. Definitions of some basic jazz technical terms. Jazz Categories. Jazz Music History · Jazz Artist ...
The Head Jazz Term - Definition of Jazz Term The Head - About.com
The head is the composed portion of the jazz performance. ... Videos. Share this. About.com · About Entertainment · Jazz · Glossary of Jazz Terms ...
Jazz Dance - Jazz Dancing Terms - About.com
Terms associated with the dance style of jazz. ... Boogie Woogie · Learn the definition of Boogie Woogie in jazz dance. Share ...
Jazz Terms -Jazz Walk - Dance - About.com
A jazz walk is a low walk where the knees are bent and the shoulders and arms are curved in opposite directions while walking forward.
Jazz Square - Jazz Terms - Dance - About.com
Definition: A jazz square is a smooth, sassy, four-step movement in which a dancer steps out on the right leg, steps back with the left leg, crosses over with the ...
Jazz Run - Jazz Terms - Dance - About.com
A jazz run is a running jazz walk that requires grace and balance to make it look natural.
Electronic Music Glossary - Electronic Music Terms - Jazz - About.com
Electronic music and jazz find themselves meeting more and more in recent years. This glossary will help the acoustic jazz fan get to know the lingo of electronic ...
Stride Jazz Term - Definition of Jazz Term Stride - About.com
Stride is a style of piano jazz that originated in Harlem, New York during World War I. ... Entertainment · Jazz . . . Glossary of Jazz Terms · Jazz Technical Terms ...
Vocal Jazz Glossary - Definition of Vocal Jazz - About.com
Vocal jazz stems from the oral tradition of the blues. ... Spirituality · Sports · Videos. Share this. About.com · About Entertainment · Jazz · Glossary of Jazz Terms ...
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