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Glossary of Jazz Music Terms - Jazz Music Definitions - About.com
Expand your jazz vocabulary here, with a glossary of jazz music terms and slang used within the jazz community. The language used to talk about jazz can be ...
Jazz Technical Terms - About.com
A list of technical terms about jazz. ... Definitions of some basic jazz technical terms. ... 14 Articles in: Glossary of Jazz Technical Terms - Jazz Technical Term ...
Stride Jazz Term - Definition of Jazz Term Stride - About.com
Stride is a style of piano jazz that originated in Harlem, New York during World War I.
What is Swing - Definition of Jazz Term Swing - About.com
"Swing" refers to a style of jazz, a certain rhythmic quality, and an inexplicable quality of good music.
Comp Jazz Term- Definition of Jazz Term Comp - About.com
Definition: short for “accompany.” When a jazz soloist is improvising, the members of the rhythm section comp for him by providing the pulse, groove, and  ...
Chorus Jazz Term - Definition of Jazz Term Chorus - About.com
A chorus is a full cycle through the form of a jazz tune.
The Head Jazz Term - Definition of Jazz Term The Head - About.com
The head is the composed portion of the jazz performance.
Bebop Jazz Term - Definition of Jazz Term Bebop - About.com
Bebop is a jazz style that was developed in the 1940s.
Definition of Jazz Term 'Scat Singing' - About.com
a style of vocal jazz improvisation in which the vocalist substitutes nonsense syllables for lyrics. Scat singing is often used to imitate the type of melodic line that a ...
Form Jazz Term - About.com
Definition: the structure of a jazz song. The form is the sum of the rhythmic and harmonic content in a tune, and is usually includes at least two contrasting ...
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