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2011 Jazz Album Releases

Jazz albums released in 2011.

Album Review: Kris Davis' 'Aeriol Piano'
A review of 'Aeriol Piano,' the 2011 solo piano recording by Kris Davis.

Album Review: Trombonist Wayne Wallace's 'To Hear From There'
A review of trombonist Wayne Wallace's Latin jazz album 'To Hear From There.'

Album Review: Harold O'Neal's Marvelous Fantasy
A review of pianist Harold O'Neal's solo album, 'Marvelous Fantasy.'

Album Review: Trombonist Wayne Wallace's 'To Hear From There'
A review of trombonist Wayne Wallace's Latin jazz album 'To Hear From There.'

Album Review: 'If the Past Seems So Bright' by Jeremy Udden and Plainville
A review of Jeremy Udden and Plainville's 'If the Past Seems So Bright.'

Album Review: Delfeayo Marsalis' 'Sweet Thunder'
Delfeayo Marsalis' 'Sweet Thunder' is an arrangement of Duke Ellington's 'Such Sweet Thunder,' a suite dedicated to the works of William Shakespeare.

Album Review: 'Polylemma' by Hertenstein, Heberer, Niggenkemper, and Badenhorst
A review of 'Polylemma,' an album by Joe Herteinstein, Thomas Heberer, Joachim Badenhorst, and Pascal Niggenkemper, featuring a mix of highly composed passages, and free improvisation.

Album Review: Pianist Claire Ritter's 'Stream of Pearls Project'
A review of pianist Claire Ritter's 'Stream of Pearls Project,' an album influenced by the sounds and movement of water.

Album Review: 'Acrobat: Music For and By Dmitri Shostakovich' by Michael Bates.
A review of 'Acrobat: Music For and By Dmitri Shostakovich' by bassist and composer Michael Bates.

Album Review: 'Imprint' by the Julia Hülsmann Piano Trio
A review of 'Imprint' by the Julia Hülsmann piano trio.

Album Review: 'Breaking News' by the New World Jazz Composers Octet
A review of 'Breaking News' by the New World Jazz Composers Octet, a collective led by saxophonist and flautist Daniel Ian Smith.

Album Review: Nicholas Urie's 'My Garden'
A review of Nicholas Urie's 'My Garden,' a big band album that sets the poems of Charles Bukowski to music.

Album Review: 'Ghosts of the Sun' by Bill McHenry
Saxophonist Bill McHenry's album "Ghosts of the Sun' was one of the last recordings to feature drummer Paul Motian before he died.

Album Review: Brian Drye's 'Bizingas'
A review of trombonist and pianist Brian Drye's album 'Bizingas' featuring the ensemble with the same name.

Album Review: Dave Douglas' 'Greenleaf Portable Series
A review of the three albums included in Dave Douglas' 'Greenleaf Portable Series:' 'Rare Metals,' 'Orange Afternoons,' and 'Bad Mango.'

Album Review: 'Paraphrase' by the Matt Blostein and Vinnie Sperrazza Band
A review of 'Paraphrase' by the Matt Blostein and Vinnie Sperrazza Band.

Album Review: 'Re:ECM,' Remixes of Classic ECM Recordings
A review of 'Re:ECM' a double-album of remixes of classic ECM recordings by electronic musicians Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer.

Album Review: 'The Gate' by Kurt Elling
A review of 'The Gate,' the album by jazz singer Kurt Elling.

Album Review: 'Changing Seasons' by the Phil Dwyer Orchestra
James Hall reviews 'Changing Seasons' by saxophonist Phil Dwyer. The album features Dwyer's four-part composition fusing string orchestra with big band.

Album Review: 'Augmented Reality' by Roy Assaf, Ronen Itzik, and Jorge Roeder
A review of the album 'Augmented Reality' by the trio of the same name, featuring pianist Roy Assaf, drummer Ronen Itzik, and bassist Jorge Roeder.

Album Review: Miguel Zenón's 'Alma Adentro
A review of 'Alma Adentro' by Miguel Zenón, and featuring arrangements of well-known Puerto Rican songwriters from decades past.

Album Review: Frank Carlberg's 'Uncivilized Ruminations'
A review of pianist Frank Carlberg's CD 'Uncivilized Ruminations,' featuring music set to poems of various writers.

Album Review: Harris Eisenstadt's 'September Trio'
A review of 'September Trio,' the album led by Harris Eisenstadt with a trio consisting of saxophonist Ellery Eskelin and pianist Angelica Sanchez.

Album Review: 'Conversational Music' by Julian Priester and Aaron Alexander
A review of 'Conversational Music,' a duo album recorded by trombonist Julian Priester and drummer Aaron Alexander.

Album Review: Tim Hagans' 'The Moon is Waiting'
Trumpeter Tim Hagans explores "uncomfortable" music on his album 'The Moon is Waiting.'

Album Review: 'The Key is in the Window' by Aaron Shragge and Ben Monder
A review of 'The Key is in the Window,' an album featuring Aaron Shragge on his custom-built "dragonmouth" trumpet and shakuhachi flute, and Ben Monder on electric guitar.

Album Review: 'Skala' by Mathias Eick
Douglas Detrick reviews 'Skala' by the Norwegian trumpeter and composer Mathias Eick.

Album Review: 'Unstandard' by the New York Standards Quartet
Pianist David Berkman, saxophonist Tim Armacost, bassist Yosuke Inoue, and drummer Gene Jackson are the New York Standards Quartet. This is a review of their 2011 album, 'Unstandard.'

Album Review: Gilad Hekselman's 'Hearts Wide Open'
An album review of guitarist Gilad Hekselman's 'Hearts Wide Open,' featuring all original compositions.

Album Review: Westchester Jazz Orchestra's 'Maiden Voyage Suite'
A review of the Westchester Jazz Orchestra's 'Maiden Voyage Suite,' featuring arrangements of pieces from Herbie Hancock's 1965 album 'Maiden Voyage.'

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