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Jazz Music Artists and Styles


Learn about the lives of the most influential jazz musicians, and about various styles of jazz.
  1. Early Jazz
  2. Swing
  3. Bebop
  4. Post-Bop - Present Day

Early Jazz

Early jazz resulted from the melding of music from various cultures. Read about some early jazz styles and the musicians who laid the groundwork for later styles.


Swing music filled dance halls and ballrooms throughout the 1930s and early 40s. The swing era marked the height of jazz as a popular music.


World War II brought an end to the heyday of swing. Big bands began to shrivel, as musicians were sent overseas to fight. For this reason, the 1940s saw a surge in smaller ensembles, such as quartets and quintets. Musicians in small groups developed advanced and extended improvisations that forged the style that came to be known as bebop.

Post-Bop - Present Day

Bebop gave artists creative license, and opened the door for rapid innovation. Since the days of bebop, musicians have explored many routes of improvisation. Below are some links to innovators in modern jazz.

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