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Album Review: 'Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio'

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Stan Getz Oscar Peterson Trio Jazz Album
Courtesy of Verve Records
The 1957 classic Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio presents virtuosic and expressive playing on uptempo bebop tunes, restrained grooves, and lyrical ballads. The group, despite the absence of drums, swings relentlessly. Stan Getz’ tone and performance style fits in seamlessly with Oscar Peterson’s renowned trio, consisting of guitarist Herb Ellis and bassist Ray Brown.

Verve Records founder Norman Granz, who played a large part in developing Oscar Peterson’s career, was responsible for bringing Peterson and Getz into the studio to record this indelible album.

From the outset of the recording, the band is at peak performance. The opening track, “I Want to Be Happy,” sounds relaxed and lighthearted in spite of its fast clip. Getz’ technique is flawless, allowing him to execute nimble and tuneful phrases one after the other. When Peterson takes over, the blithe mood intensifies, swelling with excitement. Afterward, Getz is inspired to solo again, this time increasingly impassioned.

On the laidback “Pennies from Heaven,” Getz invokes the tone and vibrato of his hero and main stylistic influence Lester Young. His updated and refined take on a classic sound has in turn become one of the most notable developments in the history of jazz saxophone.

The ballads on Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio contrast beautifully with the bouncing and swinging numbers, and most of them are packaged together in a medley that features five in a row. The string of standards, which includes such well-known tunes as “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered,” and “Polkadots and Moonbeam,” showcases Getz’ soulful ability to affect bittersweet nostalgia with his whispery melodies.

For fans of Oscar Peterson and Stan Getz, this album is sure to please. No matter what your preference is, Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio will delight you with its range of moods and its perfect musical execution.

Release Date:

1957 on Verve Records


  • Stan Getz – Tenor Saxophone
  • Oscar Peterson – Piano
  • Herb Ellis – Guitar
  • Ray Brown – Bass

Track List:

  1. I Want to be Happy
  2. Pennies From Heaven
  3. Ballad Medley: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered / I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do) / How Long Has This Been Going On? / I Can’t Get Started / Polkadots and Moonbeams
  4. I’m Glad There is You
  5. Tour’s End
  6. I Was Doing Alright
  7. Bronx Blues
  8. Three Little Words
  9. Detour Ahead
  10. Sunday
  11. Blues for Herky
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