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Articles Index

Jazz Concert Review: Diana Krall

A review of Diana Krall's concert at Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs, CO, September 25, 2013

Live Jazz Review: Orrin Evans Trio

A review of Orrin Evans's performance at Jimmy Mak's, Portland

Live Review: Natalie Cressman

A review of Natalie Cressman's performance at Camellia Lounge, Portland

Review: George Benson - Inspiration

A review of George Benson's Inspiration, A Tribute To Nat King Cole

Reissue Review: Bill Evans - How My Hearts Sings

A review of Bill Evans - How My Hearts Sings

Review: Yellowjackets - A Rise In The Road

A review of Yellowjackets' A Rise In The Road

Review: Terence Blanchard - Magnetic

A review of Terence Blancard's Magnetic

Concert Review: Doing it Themselves at the 2012 Undead Music Festival

Jonathan Lindhorst reviews the third night of the 2012 Undead Music Festival, which featured a night of improvised music at Seeds::Brooklyn.

Album Review: Maria Neckam's 'Unison

Douglas Detrick reviews vocalist Maria Neckam's album 'Unison'

Album Review: Hear in Now's Debut Album

A review of 'Hear in Now,' the album by the string trio of the same name.

Album Review: 'Carrera' by Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos

A review of 'Carrera' by Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos.

Album Review: Eivind Opsvik's 'Overseas IV'

A review of bassist Eivind Opsvik's 'Overseas IV'

Concert Review: Kneebody at Littlefield

A review of Kneebody's residency at Littlefield in Brooklyn, April 11 - 15, 2012.

Album Review: 'All Our Reasons' by the Billy Hart Quartet

A review of 'All Our Reasons' by the quartet led by drummer Billy Hart.

Album Review: Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley

A review of 'Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley,' the classic jazz album that perfectly blends jazz vocals and improvised saxophone.

Album Review: Kris Davis' 'Aeriol Piano'

A review of Kris Davis' solo piano album, 'Aeriol Piano.'

Album Review: Theo Bleckman's 'Hello Earth - The Music of Kate Bush'

Theo Bleckmann sings the music of Kate Bush.

Album Review: Tim Berne and Snakeoil

A review of the eponymous album by saxophonist Tim Berne's group, Snakeoil.

Concert Review: Pianist Kris Davis at the Jazz Gallery

A review of pianist Kris Davis' set at the Jazz Gallery on February 16th, 2012

Album Review: Harold O'Neal's Marvelous Fantasy

A review of Harold O'Neal's solo piano album, 'Marvelous Fantasy.'

Album Review: 'If the Past Seems So Bright' by Jeremy Udden and Plainville

A review of saxophonist Jeremy Udden's 'If the Past Seems So Bright' with his group Plainville.

Album Review: 'Polylemma' by Hertenstein, Heberer, Niggenkemper, and Badenhorst

A review of 'Polylemma,' an album by Joe Herteinstein, Thomas Heberer, Joachim Badenhorst, and Pascal Niggenkemper.

Concert Review: Bassist Zack Lober's Ancestry Project

A review of bassist Zack Lober's Ancestry Project at the IBeam performance space in Brooklyn.

Album Review: Ben Wendel's 'Frame'

A review of saxophonist Ben Wendel's album 'Frame.'

Album Review: 'Acrobat: Music For and By Dmitri Shostakovich' by Michael Bates.

A review of 'Acrobat: Music For and By Dmitri Shostakovich' by bassist Michael Bates.

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