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Readers' Opinions

Wouldn't you like to know what other jazz fans are listening to? How they feel about controversies that arise in the world of jazz? How they got into jazz in the first place? Read responses to these questions and more by jazz fans like yourself.

Best Jazz Albums of 2009 - Favorite 2009 Jazz Albums
Users write in with their favorite jazz albums of 2009.

Class Jazz Music Albums - Readers Choices of Best Jazz Albums to Own
Which jazz albums do you think stand out the most? Which are the most important recordings made in jazz history? What records should a new jazz fan buy to become familiar with the many periods and styles of jazz?

Favorite Jazz Singers - Readers Pick Favorite Jazz Singers
Who are your favorite jazz singers?

Favorite Modern Jazz Albums - Jazz Albums That Got You Hooked
Which jazz albums got you into jazz? Share your ideas for recordings that might hook young listeners on jazz music.

The Future of Jazz - What Does the Future of Jazz Look Like
By some accounts, the jazz audience is slipping. On the other hand, jazz music is as vibrant as ever. Is the future of jazz bleak, or is the jazz world worry-free?

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