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Photo Gallery: 2010 Undead JazzFest


The inaugural Undead JazzFest featured 36 bands in two evenings. The music, delivered in staggered 40-minute sets within three Greenwich Village clubs, represented the genre-melding and forward-looking spirit of jazz in New York City. Browse this photo gallery for images from the festival.

You can read my review here.

Images 1-12 of 13
Bill Mchenry Tenor SaxophoneTenor Saxophonist Bill McHenry Bill Mchenry QuintetBill McHenry Quintetcraig Taborn Keyboards Craig Taborn Tim Berne Craig Taborn Dave KingTim Berne and Craig Taborn
Ralph Alessi TrumpetRalph Alessi michael Lewis Happy Apple MusicMichael Lewis on Tenor SaxophoneMichael Lewis Happy Apple MusicMichael Lewis of Happy Applelos totopos tim berne bandTim Berne's Los Totopos
marcus strickland dave douglas keystoneDave Douglas and Marcus Strickland john hollenbeck large ensembleJohn Hollenbeck Large Ensemblejohn hollenbeck large ensembleJohn Hollenbeck Large Ensemblelos totopos tim berne bandTim Berne and Oscar Noriega
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