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Jazz: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 10 Jazz Singers Every Music Fan Should Know
Ten of the most famous jazz singers. From the days of early jazz and swing, jazz singers and instrumentalists have influenced each other's phrasing and melodic conceptions. This list is a mere introduction to the world of vocal jazz.
What is Bebop?
A description of bebop, the innovative style of jazz that developed in the 1940s.
What is Jazz-Style Swing?
A description of the music from the swing era of jazz.
Wondering What 'Ragtime' Is? Here's the Answer
A description of ragtime, including its musical characteristics, origins, and a list of prominent composers.
An Introduction to Jazz Music
A brief history of jazz music.
Jazz By Decade: 1940 - 1950
A brief history of jazz in the 1940s.
10 Essential Jazz Saxophone Albums
A list of 10 Famous Jazz Saxophone Albums
10 Musicians Who Shaped Bebop Jazz
A list of ten founders of bebop.
How Jazz Gave Rise to Swing in the 1930s
An overview of jazz in the 1930s, from The Great Depression to Charlie Parker.
What Is Early Jazz?
A description of early jazz, also referred to as hot jazz or Dixieland music.
8 Essential Jazz Piano Albums
From Jelly Roll Morton to Thelonius Monk, here are 8 Essential Jazz Piano Albums that should be included in every jazz collection.
New to Jazz? Start Your Collection with These...
Ten Classic Jazz Recordings to Start Your Collection.
How Jazz Helped Fuel the Civil Rights Movement
A profile of civil rights in jazz. How jazz musicians spoke out for racial equality and social justice.
The 10 Best Swing Era Musicians of All Time
A list of ten musicians from the swing era, the days of jazz when dance halls were packed to hear and dance to the best big bands from around the country. Although swing was popular music, artists such as the ones listed developed styles that influenced later musicians, into bebop and beyond, setting the stage for jazz to become the valued art form it is today.
Five Legends of Latin Jazz
Five of the most important Latin Jazz musicians.
10 Iconic Early Jazz Musicians
Read about ten of the most important musicians of early jazz. In the beginning of the 1900s, the innovations of these instrumentalists laid the groundwork for jazz to evolve into such a vibrant art form.
10 Famous Jazz Saxophonists
A list of 10 Famous Jazz Saxophonists
Jazz By Decade: 1900-1910
A look at jazz from 1900-1910.
Artist Profile: Ragtime Composer Scott Joplin
A profile of Scott Joplin, the premiere ragtime pianist and composer whose style paved the way for early jazz.
Jazz Instruments
A photo gallery featuring the instruments typically used in jazz music.
Jazz History by Decade: 1920 to 1930
A look at jazz between 1920 and 1930.
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Lester Young
Artist profile of saxophonist Lester Young.
Jazz By Decade: 1950-1960
A brief history of jazz between 1950 and 1960.
Jazz Buyer's Guide - 5 Best Jazz Christmas...
Jazz Buyer's Guide - 5 Best Jazz Christmas Records Of All Time
Profile of Alto Saxophonist Charlie Parker
Saxophonists copied his phrasing, his melodic and harmonic approaches, and in some cases, even his drug use.
Artist Profile: Jazz Trumpeter Louis Armstrong
Profile of trumpeter Louis Armstrong.
An Introduction To Bossa Nova Music
An introduction to bossa nova music, a combination of west coast cool jazz and Brazilian samba.
Jazz by Decade: 1910 - 1920
A glimpse at what was going on in jazz in the decade between 1910 and 1920.
10 Essential Jazz Trumpet Albums
From Louis Armstrong to Chuck Mangione, here are 10 Essential Jazz Trumpet Albums that should be included in every jazz collection.
At a Glance: Jazz History By Decade
Jazz music history arranged by decade. Read about advances made and important events in jazz in each decade since 1900.
Top 10 Oldest Living Jazz Musicians
Here's our list of the Top 10 Oldest Living Jazz Musicians and some cool facts about them.
History of Jazz Saxophone - Saxophonists in...
A brief history of saxophonists in jazz.
Classic Album Profile: 'Blue Train' by John...
Review of 'Blue Train' by John Coltrane.
Album Review: 'Kind of Blue' by Miles Davis
Review of 'Kind of Blue,' the seminal album by Miles Davis.
All About Jazz Singer Billie Holiday
Profile of jazz singer Billie Holiday.
Free Jazz and Free Improvisation: What's the...
A brief look into what free jazz and free improvisation are, how they differ, and how they influence the jazz landscape today.
New Jazz Releases - November 2015
News on new releases by Robert Francis (channeling Chet Baker) a reissue of Coltrane's A Love Supreme and a lost live album by saxophonist Art Pepper.
Profile of Tenor Saxophonist John Coltrane
Profile of tenor saxophonist John Coltrane
Drum Set
Jazz. Page 3.
A chorus is a full cycle through the form of a jazz tune.
10 Famous Jazz Singers
A list of 10 Famous Jazz Singers, from Nat King Cole to Ella Fitzgerald to Lena Horne.
Profile of Machito, Latin Jazz Bandleader
Profile of Latin jazz bandleader Machito.
Hot Jazz
Hot jazz was an early style popularized by Louis Armstrong.
85 Essential 60s and 70s Jazz Fusion Albums.
From Miles Davis to Tower of Power, here are 85 Essential 60s and 70s Jazz Fusion Albums.
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Sidney Bechet
A biography of saxophonist Sidney Bechet, one of the first early jazz musicians to develop a distinct and virtuosic style of improvisation.
Bebop is a jazz style that was developed in the 1940s.
Rhythm Section
The part of the jazz ensemble that provides the pulse, beat, groove, and/or harmonic material of a tune.
Album Review: 'Mingus Ah Um' by Charles Mingus
Review of Charles Mingus' 1959 album 'Mingus Ah Um.'
Jazz Trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie
Profile of Trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie
Profile of Trumpeter Mario Bauza
Profile of Trumpeter Mario Bauza
Artist Profile: Jazz Vocalist Ella Fitzgerald
Artist Profile of Jazz Vocalist Ella Fitzgerald
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Cannonball Adderley
Real Name: Julian Adderley Instrument: Alto Saxophone Reason for Nickname: “Cannonball” was originally
Jazz. Page 4.
: a style of jazz that was dominant in the 1930s, and performed by jazz big bands primarily for dancing
Hard Bop
Hard Bop was a style based on bebop that drew from other types of African American music.
Artist Profile: Trumpeter Miles Davis
Profile of trumpeter Miles Davis
Artist Profile: Jazz Pianist James P. Johnson
Artist profile of jazz and stride pianist James P. Johnson.
Jazz. Page 7.
Recommendation: Five Modern Jazz Albums
A list of five jazz albums from the past decade or so that might help someone just getting into jazz understand the modern jazz climate.
Pianist and Bandleader Duke Ellington
Pianist and bandleader Duke Ellington wasn’t comfortable with the term jazz. He hoped to create music that was unclassifiable.
: short for “accompany.” When a jazz soloist is improvising, the members of the rhythm section comp for
Artist Profile: Jazz Drummer Max Roach
Profile of Jazz Drummer Max Roach.
4 Famous Jazz Clarinetists, Part II
Biographies about 4 great clarinetists: Jimmy Giuffre, Artie Shaw, Bennie Goodman and Jimmy Dorsey.
Jazz. Page 8.
Artist Profile: Cornetist Bix Beiderbecke
Profile of Cornetist Bix Beiderbecke.
Artist Profile: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Profile of composer Antonio Carlos Jobim
Jazz. Page 2.
Jazz Internet Radio
A list of jazz internet radio sites, with a brief profile of each.
Ten Jazz Biographies
A list of ten biographies of legendary jazz musicians.
Jazz News Now - November 2015
The latest jazz news, including award winners Jazzmen Horn and Wynton Marsalis and details about a highly-acclaimed book on tap dancing.
Pianist Thelonious Monk
Profile of pianist Thelonious Monk.
3 Greatest Jazz/Rock Bands Of All Time
A list of 3 Great Jazz/Rock Bands
Artist Profile: Jazz Singer Johnny Hartman
Artist profile of jazz singer Johnny Hartman.
Jazz. Page 6.
Scat Singing
Scat singing is a style of vocal jazz.
Album Review: 'Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben...
A review of the classic jazz album 'Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster.' Although the two tenor saxophonists are the stars of the show, the record owes its deep swing feel to the Oscar Peterson Trio, who make up the rhythm section.
7 Great Jazz Songs About Cats
A seven song set of jazz tunes about cats, to celebrate Adopt A Cat Month.
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Wayne Shorter
A brief biography of saxophonist Wayne Shorter.
Album Review: 'Subconscious-Lee' by Lee Konitz
Review of saxophonist Lee Konitz' album 'Subconscious-Lee.'
Artist Profile: Jazz Singer Sarah Vaughan
A biography of jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, who gave voice to the sounds of bebop, and recorded popular song and jazz with equal flair.
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Lee Konitz
Profile of alto saxophonist Lee Konitz.
Five Jazz Albums Inspired by Electronic Music
A brief list of jazz albums inspired by electronic music.
Artist Profile: Swing Drummer and Bandleader...
A profile of swing drummer Chick Webb.
Harmon Mute
: A Harmon mute is a trumpet mute that gives the instrument a metallic buzz sound. It is composed of
10 Famous Jazz Pianists
A list of 10 Famous Jazz Pianists
Jazz Artist Profile and Album Review: Barbara...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Early Years Barbara
Saxual Healing: 7 Great Jazz Sax Solos (Found...
7 Great Jazz Sax Solos (Found On Rock Records)
Jazz. Page 5.
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Ornette Coleman
Artist profile of saxophonist Ornette Coleman.
Free Jazz
Free Jazz is a style developed in the 1950s and 60s that marked a distinct departure from tradition.
Artist Profile: Vocalist Diana Krall
Profile of vocalist Diana Krall.
Jazz Album Review: Stanley Clarke Band's "UP"
Stanley Clarke's UP is a solid albeit uninspired set, concocted with the help of friends like Stewart Copeland and Joe Walsh.
Album Review: Art Blakey Quintet's 'A Night at...
Art Blakey Quintet's Album A Night at Birdland, Vol. 1 - Review of Art Blakey Quintet's Album A Night at Birdland, Vol. 1
9 Essential Jazz Love Songs
9 Essential Jazz Love Songs
5 Essential Nelson Riddle Albums
A buyer's guide suggesting the five best albums that include arrangements by Nelson Riddle.
Stride is a style of piano jazz that originated in Harlem, New York during World War I.
3 Essential Paul Desmond Albums
Born in San Francisco in 1924, Paul Desmond was best known for his work with the Dave Brubeck Quartet.
Jazz Album Review: David Sanborn's "Time And...
A review of David Sanborn's new album, Time And The River.
Jazz Album Review: Karla Harris Sings The Dave...
A valiant but, ultimately, mediocre effort to set words to the music of Dave Brubeck.
Jazz Blogroll
A list of links to jazz music blogs.
Artist Profile: Jazz Singer Frank Sinatra
Artist profile of jazz vocalist Frank Sinatra.
3 Essential Mike Stern Albums
A buyer's guide of Mike Stern's three best albums.
Artist Profile: Tenor Saxophonist Ben Webster
A biography of tenor saxophonist Ben Webster
The World's Best Jazz Festival Guide
A list of the best jazz festivals from around the world.
Review Bill Evans' 'Sunday at the Village...
Review of Bill Evans Trio's Sunday at the Village Vanguard
Artist Profile: Jazz Drummer Art Blakey
Profile of jazz drummer Art Blakey.
More New Jazz Releases for September 2015
Four new jazz records for September 2015, from Bob James and Nathan East, catherine Marie Charlton, Yelena Eckemoff and Kenyon Carter.
6 Essential John Scofield Albums
A survey of 6 Essential John Scofield albums, drawn from his extensive catalog of solo recordings since 1977.
Profile of Trumpeter Louis Armstrong
A brief profile of the father of jazz, trumpeter Louis Armstrong.
Jazz and Pop Music
A discussion of the health of jazz music, and where it falls in relation to popular music.
Jazz Album Review: Steve Turre's "Spiritman"
Steve Turre's new album, Spiritman, finds the trombonist getting back to his swinging roots.
4 Essential Tony Williams Albums
A quartet of essential albums recorded jazz fusion pioneer and drummer extraordinaire, Tony Williams, including his genre-busting debut, Life Time.
Our Favorite Albums of 2015...So Far
Four of our favorite albums of 2015, from one of our favorite saxophonists, a great young trumpeter and a fine singer.
The Head
The head is the composed portion of the jazz performance.
6 Essential Bossa Nova Jazz Songs
6 Essential Bossa Nova Jazz Songs by legends like Jobim, Getz and Gilberto
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Coleman Hawkins
An artist profile of tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins.
5 Great Places To Buy Vinyl Jazz Records Online
Want to find jazz music on vinyl? Here are five great online sources to find jazz records on slabs on polyvinyl chloride.
Valentine's Day List: Five Depressing Jazz Songs
A list of depressing jazz songs, for those who aren't feeling cheerful and full of love on Valentine's Day.
Jazz Artist Profile and Album Review: Terry...
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Motema Drops New Sets From Roberta Donnay And...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The folks at Motema
Artist Profile: Bassist Charles Mingus
Profile of jazz bassist Charles Mingus.
New Jazz Albums for October 2015
An overview of key October releases, including works by Bob Albanese, Miho Hazama and the trio of Mike Reed, Tomeika Reid and Nicole Mitchell.
4 More Essential Jazz Guitarists
From Herb Ellis to Pat Metheny -- with Burrell and Martino -- four more essential jazz guitarists to consider.
Chord Changes
: The way in which the chords change, or move from one to another is what provides the harmonic landscape
Singers Gotta Sing: Reviews Of Three New Jazz...
The latest albums from singers Sachal, Thana Alexa and Eliane Elias. 1. Sachal - Slow Motion Miracles
Album Review: Myron Walden's 'Momentum'
Review of Myron Walden's album 'Momentum.'
5 Great Charlie Parker Performances
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Saxophonist Charlie
5 Essential Mel Torme Albums
From his sets with Marty Paich to his ode to The Big Apple to his trio recording with George Shearing, here are 5 Essential Mel Torme Albums.
The Most Important Jazz Record Of The Year
Jimmy Greene's elegy for his departed daughter embodies joy and pain. It's the most important jazz record of the year.
Essential David Sanborn
A look at the essential albums of one of jazz's most widely-recorded saxophonists.
Artist Profile: Pianist Fats Waller
A short bio of jazz pianist Fats Waller, who helped develop the art of stride piano.
Rent Party
Harlem rent parties helped elevate the importance of jazz in New York in the decades preceding World War II.
Jazz Album Review: Jerry Kalaf's "Welcome To...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >A veteran of the
Jazz Singer Kate McGarry On New York
Interview with jazz singer Kate McGarry.
Five Freddie Hubbard Recordings
A list of five important Freddie Hubbard recordings, representing different periods of his brilliant career.
6 Famous Bossa Nova Jazz Musicians
6 Famous Bossa Nova Jazz Musicians, including Getz, Bonfa and Jobim
Jazz Artist Profile: Wind Instrumentalist...
A biography of Joseph Jarman, saxophone and reed player and longtime member of Art Ensemble of Chicago and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Music.
Jazz Album Review: Petros Klampanis' "Minor...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >A native of the
Jazz Album Review: Jamie Cullum's "Interlude"
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Jamie Cullum is
What's New In The World Of Jazz - October 2015
The latest news from the world of jazz, including Word Series wagers, improvising robots, a new film about Chet Baker and the passing of vocalist Mark Murphy
5 Things About Buying A Jazz Stereo System
A guide about buying a stereo system.
Jazz Profile: Bebop Trumpeter Kenny Dorham
A profile of bebop jazz trumpeter, leader and sideman Kenny Dorham
Artist Profile: Jazz Singer Lena Horne
A profile of jazz singer Lena Horne.
Jazz Album Review: Hypercolor
Wanted: Listeners. Must Love Guitar. A review of New York jazz noise trio Hypercolor's debut album.
Artist Profile: Saxophonist Sonny Rollins
Artist profile of jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins.
Best Jazz Albums Of 2013
Best Jazz Albums Of 2013
4 Essential Gabor Szabo Albums
One of jazz's most innovative guitarists, Gabor Szabo recorded extensively during the 1960s and 70s. Here are 4 Essential Gabor Szabo albums from his impressive repertoire.
Blues is both a style of music and a formal structure in jazz.
Introduction to Electronic Music: A Glossary
Electronic music and jazz find themselves meeting more and more in recent years. This glossary will help the acoustic jazz fan get to know the lingo of electronic music a little better.

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